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Our Lawn Care Program

It’s never too early or too late to start your program.

1st Visit – Crabgrass Control
1. (Granular) (Applied April or early May). Pre-emergence control to crabgrass before it starts – sterilizes the seed left in your lawn combined and applied with Spring Fertilizer.
2. Spring Fertilizer
(Granular) (Applied April or early May). Hi-Nitrogen balanced fertilizer to give your lawn that spring boost and encourage new growth.

2nd Visit – Weed Control
3. (Liquid) (Applied May or June). Broadleaf LIQUID WEED CONTROL applied with extreme care. Controls dandelions, ground ivy, plantain, chickweed and thistle.
4. Early Summer Fertilizer
(Liquid) (Applied May or June with Weed Control). Standard full turf feeding, to let grass fill in places where weeds have left for a thicker, greener lawn.

3rd Visit – Summer Fertilizer
(Granular) (Applied July or August). Hi-Nitrogen non-burning, long feeding slow release, dry granular fertilizer. (Weed control included).

4th Visit – Fall Fertilizer
5. (Liquid) (Applied Sept. or Oct.). Hi-Nitrogen balanced fertilizer, for strength, growth and color promotes vigorous root growth at this time of year. (Weed control included).

5th Visit – Dormant Fertilizer
6. (Granular) (Applied late fall). Promote root development with a dormant winterizer.